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A customer may return a purchase of B65P LCD Writing Board if the customer receives a product that is defective or damaged on arrival or not as described . This product does not come with a 7-day's return policy, hence, it cannot be returned returned on account of buyer's remorse, i.e. you may not return a product that is functional and in good condition because you did not like the product or had a change of mind. 

In any case, the customer should submit the return form, contact our customer support and follow the procedure advised by the customer support agent. Once we receive your returns request, we’ll do our best to help you.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The B65P is covered with a 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty that includes free parts replacements and free repair services or a full replacement as applicable. The customer will not be charged for repair services or any parts replaced but the shipping cost is to be covered by the customer. This product also comes with a life-long maintenance service offered by the manufacturer.

Warranty protects our customers only from manufacturing defects; no artificial damage is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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Once we receive your return our technical team will examine the returned item and if our findings match with your report of defects, you will be entitled to a full refund or replacement and compensation for any shipping costs incurred by you.


7-Days return policy

The B65P does not come with a 7-day's return policy, and it cannot be returned on account of buyer's remorse, i.e. you may not return a unit of this product that is functional and in good condition simply because you did not like the product or had a change of mind. Therefore, we encourage customers to contact us if they have any questions about this product before placing an order.


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What is the function of this LCD writing Blackboard?

The B60P/B65P are electronic blackboards with LCD screens, they serve the same purpose as conventional chalkboards/ dry erase boards but requires no chalks or markers. 

What are some benefits of using this LCD Blackboard?

As it runs on low energy electricity to write on the LCD screen, you will require no chalks, dusters, markers, or any other consumables. Hence, your school/office would be saving money and contribute to environmental causes positively. 

Does this LCD Blackboard function the same way as regular Blackboards/ Whiteboards?

Yes, it offers every feature you can get from conventional black/whiteboards. The writing feels just like a conventional board, and the partial erase function will allow you to erase and correct the minor mistakes without needing to clear the whole screen and start from the scratch.

How is this Blackboard different from other LCD products in the market?

This blackboard uses several special patented technology that offers better viewing angles, more visible writings, and higher visibility range compared to other products in the market. It also features partial erase, save, and live synchronization functionality


Does this LCD Blackboard come with partial erase?

Yes, it has partial erase. You can erase small areas of the board to correct any minor errors instead of erasing the whole screen and start from the scratch. 


Does this LCD Blackboard come with full-screen erase?

Yes, there is also a one-click quick erase button, which allows you to clear the entire screen with one click.

How can I save the LCD Blackboard's writing?

You have to connect the LCD Blackboard to a Windows computer via USB cable connection, and you can save what you have written on the Blackboard directly onto your computer's hard drive.  

How does the live synchronization function work?

First, you have to connect the LCD Blackboard to a Windows computer via USB cable connection. Once connected, everything will be mirrored on the computer's screen in real time with the aid of our software. You may also save your work (written on the blackboard) directly into the computer's hard drive.

How can this device help people with learning difficulties?

This LCD Blackboard will allow you to mirror your board's writing on multiple computers. Therefore, students with learning difficulties can follow the same lecture from a computer on their desk without needing to look at the board on the wall. This LCD Blackboard also allows your work written on the board to be saved to a computer as JPG or PDF files and the teacher can easily share the lectures with students by sharing the saved files. This means the students can easily focus on listening to the teacher's lecture without having to worry about taking notes or missing anything important.   

What equipment do I need for writing on this LCD Blackboard?

You don't need any special equipment to write. You may use the equipped (battery-free) stylus pen that comes with the package or you may simply use any pointed objects or even your finger.  

How can I use the partial erase function?

This device comes with a magnetic eraser that will allow you to erase small areas of the screen with ease. You may also use any soft objects such as the soft parts of your hands/fingers to erase intended small areas.

Featuring Partial Erase, Quick Erase, Save, Sync, perfect Palm Rejection, high contrast writing, and high visibility range, 65" Screen - It's the ultimate solution for the class and meeting rooms.

Did you ever dream of a magic blackboard that can save your writings and copy them directly into your students' computers in real time? What if you didn't have to buy new chalks or markers all the time to be able to write on it? Does that sound like something straight from a science fiction movie? But it's not! This powerful yet energy efficient electronic LCD writing board features partial erase/ quick erase, offline save function, live synchronization with computers, and it requires no chalk or marker. Say hello to The BeaverPad® 6500x - an Electronic Blackboard that will bring your classroom into the future!

Partial Erase:

The B6500x features partial erase function - you can write and erase on this just like any conventional blackboard / dry erase board.

One-click Erase:

Also packs a one-click erase function that lets you erase everything instantly when needed.

Save & Share:

Save your work from the board directly into other devices and share with your students later. Now your students can focus on the lecture without needing to take notes.


Sync your work from the B6000x to any computers in real time. Your students/trainees can now see your writings on the board directly into their computer screen in real time.


Transfer your saved work from the board to computers using the software.

High Contrast:

Significantly high contrast compared to other LCD screens, makes the writing highly visible from the distance.

30-Meter Visibility:

With a visibility range of 30 meters, students can easily see the marks on the board even from the back bench.

Realistic Writing:

Extremely realistic writing experience, it feels better than writing on a chalkboard or a dry erase board.

Perfect Palm Rejection:

100% perfect palm rejection, it will only registers pressure from a pen or other pointed objects, with zero marks left by your palm while writing.

Zero Consumables:

Use the battery free stylus pen or any pointed objects to write on the LCD board. Now you can go chalk and dust free in the classroom and never need to buy a pen or marker.

Heavy-Duty Build:

With a steel back and a frame made of aluminum alloy, these boards are designed for more durability compared to other plastic writing boards of the market.

Energy Efficient:

Capable of many hours of continuous usage with one charge.

Large Screen:

With 60" of writing space, you will have all the space you need to write those complex models and diagrams.

Zero Eye Strain:

With a steel back and a frame made of aluminum alloy, these boards are designed for more durability compared to other plastic writing boards of the market.


Comes with its own applications that lets you connect the board to your computers.

Countless Supply of Pages:

The Erase Button gives you up to 100,000 new blank pages. Now you can become truly free from paper, pens or chalks, and save lots of Trees!

Included in the Package:

1 x 65" Electronic LCD Blackboard

2 x Battery-free 

Stylus Pens

2 x Pen Holders

1 x Eraser

1 x Wall Bracket

8 x Cross Recessed Round Head Screw M5*6

4 x Cross Recessed Round Head Screw M6*12 

4 x Plastic Puffing Plug 10*60

4 x Flat Washer M8

4 x Hexagon Head Tapping Screws

1 x 1.5 meters USB

1 x Power Adapter

1 x English User Manual

** Movable Stand not included in the package, if you require a stand, please contact us to order separately
Item 65" LCD Writing Board with Save, Partial Erase & Live Sync
Material Aluminum Alloy (Frame) / Steel (Back), and LCD (Screen)
Colour Black
First Released 2021
Measurements (Tablet/ Board)
Length 129 cm (50.8 inches)
Width 115.8 cm (45.6 inches)
Height 2.9 cm (1.1 inches)
Weight 14.8kg
Display (Tablet/ Board)
Reflection Waveband 500-700nm (waveband within eyesight care range)
Screen Colour Black
Screen Size 165.1 cm (65 Inches)
Screen Type Flexible shatterproof plastic LCD
Writing/ Line Colour Green
Liquid Crystal Reflectivity 37%
Visual Angle >140°
Visual Distance >20 meters
Film Hardness 3H
Thickness of Handwriting 1-5mm (subject to pressure applied)
Writing Technology
Induction Method Electromagnetism
Induction Height 5~14mm
Pen Function Method Forced induction
Writing Equipment Stylus Pen or Any Pointed Object
Pressure Level 8192
Power Source Power Adapter or Battery
Adapter Input 12V/1A
Battery Input 3.7V
Rated Voltage 110 ~ 230V A
Operating Voltage 12V DC
Battery Type 18650
Battery Capacity 2600 mAh
Battery Removable Yes
Battery Rechargeable Yes
Wi-Fi Not Available
macOS Computers Micro USB Type-A
Windows Computers Micro USB Type-A
Input 12V/1A
Internal Memory No
Physical Buttons (Tablet/ Board)
Total Buttons/Switches 1
Save No
Power No
Erase Yes (One-click Erase)
Reset No
Lock No
Save Button No
Saved File Format .JPG
Save Method Saves on connected computer
Erase Button Yes
Erase Type Partial Erase & Full Screen Erase
Partial Erase Yes
Supported Platforms
Operating System Windows
Minimum Operating System Requirements Windows 7 or Above
Windows Lanbei LCD for Windows
macOS Not supported
Stylus Pen
Material ABS Plastic
Colour Black
Length 14.0 cm (5.5 inches)
Diameter 1 cm (0.4 inches)
Weight 5g
Induction Method Electromagnetism
Induction Height 5~14mm
Pen Function Method Forced induction
Total Buttons/Switches 0
Connecting to the Tablet No connection needed
Charging No charging required (battery free)
Battery Model (Pen) No Battery Required
Removability No battery required
Battery Capacity N/A (No battery required)

BeaverPad® 65" LCD Writing Board with Save, Partial Erase & Sync

Partial Erase, Save Function, Synchronization, USB Connectivity

  • Brand: BeaverPad®
  • Product Code: B6500x
  • Availability: Coming Soon
  • US$1,839.99

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